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Partnering with Power

High intensity compute. Unlimited potential. NVIDIA GTC.

Accelerate your AI workloads without costing the Earth. How? By joining Verne Global at NVIDIA GTC 2021. Learn how we unlock your potential with NVIDIA’s DGX AI supercomputers and our 100% renewably powered DGX-Ready data centre campus in Iceland.

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Zero impact on the planet. Big impact on your business.

Organisations shouldn't be limited by their data center capabilities or the underlying energy and utility infrastructure needed to support advanced supercomputing platforms, like the NVIDIA DGX systems. Our data center campus harnesses the power of hydroelectric and geothermal energy to deliver infrastructure engineered for optimal high intensity compute. We give you supernatural capability so your potential is limitless.

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Harness Your Potential

We’re giving you the chance to test-drive for yourself

Would you like to test a DGX A100 before you buy? Verne Global and our partner, Sensa, are offering free access to the DGX A100 – the world’s leading system for AI – for a test drive or proof of concept. Unfathomable power. Unlimited potential.